By adhering to the scientific concept of development, the company has been striving to build itself into an outstanding enterprise that earnestly fulfills the social responsibilities. That is to say, the company has actively fulfilled the social responsibilities and taken common interests over everything else. As a part of the enterprise spirit, the company has organically unified the economic development and social responsibility fulfillment; has taken the corresponding economic, environmental and social responsibilities as a self-conscious act; and has taken corporate social responsibilities as the basis for enhancing competitiveness, thus it has won the recognition from all levels of government, customers and all walks of the community. "Being an excellent enterprise citizen" is the tireless pursuit of our company!

       In 2015, SPEED Technology set up the Aid Fund Management Committee and the Special Aid Fund to provide assistance to its staff who have difficulties and help them to get out of the woods. Currently, the total amount of staff aid funds is more than RMB 180,000. It demonstrates that the company has the warmth of collective and sense of responsibility. It also helps migrant workers to solve the schooling problems of their children to remove the worries of the staff and create a happy and lively atmosphere. The company not only cares about its staff, but also considers public welfare undertakings as an important part of contribution to the society. After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the company lost no time in donating RMB 80,000 to the disaster-stricken areas, and also actively made donations for later Yushu Earthquake in Qinghai Province and Ya'an Earthquake in Sichuan Province. In recent years, the company has paid close attention to the policies and promoted the development of football undertakings. It has sponsored the Guangdong Football Association Futsal League in July 2016 and donated sports goods to Dongjiang to give strong sponsorship and donated sports goods to Dongjiang First School and other schools in Huizhou City in a hope to make a contribution to the sports development and construction of China. In 2017, the company sponsored RMB 20,000 to the Studying and Teaching Assistance Association in Dongjiang Scientific Park.

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