Huizhou SPEED Wireless Technology Co., Ltd.

Stock code:300322

Huizhou Shuobeide Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of wireless communication terminal antennas. Established in February 2004, listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012. Now it has 4 holding subsidiaries: Suzhou Branch Sunshine Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kaier Biometric Technology Co., Ltd., Shuobeide Technology (USA) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Shuobeide Communication Technology Co., Ltd.; 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries Company: Shuobeide Korea Co., Ltd., Taiwan Shuobeide Wireless Technology Co., Ltd., Shuobeide International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shuobeide Wireless Technology Co., Ltd.

The United States and other regions have branch offices and R&D centers, integrating R&D, sales and service. The business direction involves mobile smart terminal antennas, precision mold design and manufacturing, wireless charging products, fingerprint and sensor modules, semiconductor advanced packaging testing, intelligent testing fixtures and equipment. Products are mainly used in mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, notebook computers, automobiles, drones, security monitoring and other fields. The company insists on creating innovative value-added services for customers with innovative R&D technology, and establishes long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations with many domestic and international well-known enterprises.

The company established Huizhou Shuobeide Technology Innovation Research Institute and Guangdong Province's first Nobel Prize workstation. With a team of nearly 800 R&D technicians, it is equipped with internationally leading equipment.

With leading industry technology and advanced professional equipment, we strive for excellence, take the R&D technology as the banner, take environmental protection and sustainable development as the foundation, stand in the tide of modern enterprises and dance with the times.


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Business architecture

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